Monday 18 March 2013

Pink Hedgehog Spring Update

Hello friends, supporters and hedgehog fans,

Looking at all the daffodils sprouting skyward, Spring must be imminent and new beginnings around the corner.  I predict 2013 to be a year of great change, ultimately for the better, so let’s go with it!  I played a gig in Bridport last night with Steve Wilson, Tim Wheeler and Robbie McIntosh and it was one of the most enjoyable and inspiring nights I have had in a long time.  Many of the songs we did are new and will be appearing on Steve’s next album, which is well underway.  There are a couple acoustic demos (with accompanying video clips of our lovely hometown of Weymouth) up on YouTube now... one of these songs will definitely be on the new album:

‘Silver Lining’

‘Throw it all Away’

Other new music coming in 2013 will be You are Here, the new album from Garfields Birthday, featuring guest drummer Alan Strawbridge (Schnauser/The Lucky Bishops) and the latest full-length album by Peter Lacey called Last Leaf.  But before that will come our compilation Close to the Hedge, which will feature new and/or previously unreleased tracks from Pink Hedgehog artists and friends including Anton Barbeau, Cheese, Schnauser, Hamfatter, Electrasy, Peter Lacey, Stevie Kalinich, Yo Ma Ma, Mondo Jet Set, Si Jubb, Freak Circus and others!

More great news comes in the form of a new distribution/retail deal now in place with the lovely people at Clear Spot in the Netherlands.  They sell all manner of cool music on vinyl and CD and I’m chuffed to pieces that they are now stocking Pink Hedgehog releases; check out their website here:

Talking of cool labels... those of you who, like me, fondly remember those simpler days of the 80s, 90s and early 00s where fanzines and cassettes were king, will surely have a special place in your hearts for the Music & Elsewhere label, part of the legendary United World Underground.  Well, M & E main man and proud new father Mick Magic is back and you can now find him online here:

I’ve been having a good read through the pages there and felt more than a few pangs of nostalgia as I recognised names that I have seen for such a long time.  The Music & Elsewhere label released a “special edition” of the Garfields Birthday Peepshow album back in 2003, which I’m proud to say was their best selling release of that final year. As part of this online celebration, Mick has put together one final Audiozine and (albeit 10 years later than expected) it’s now available for your listening pleasure:

Listen to the entire compilation album on SoundCloud

So that’s probably all I have to share with you for the time being. Don’t forget our online Pop Shop is up and running again at the Pink Hedgehog site – drop me a line if I can help you fill any gaps in your music collections, or if you just want to say “hello”... I’m quite approachable!

Take care and keep listening, Simon.
Pink Hedgehog Records

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