Thursday 21 March 2013

The Almighty Rhombus e-mail

We've just received this e-mail from The Almighty Rhombus, and we thought we’d better pass it on:

“The perception outsiders have when you come from a small town is quite interesting. In Sudbury (where we’re from) The Almighty Rhombus (our band!) is considered a supergroup. It’s not a view that we tried to perpetuate. The rumours of us buying ad space in the Sudbury Star declaring us stars are false…we swear! But since we’ve played in at least a half dozen bands that were/are quite popular in our hometown the tag somehow stuck. Right from day one it’s given us the opportunity to play to packed bars, and open for the best touring acts. Sudbury is a place where musicians are consistently trying to one up each other, and it’s not uncommon for bands to collaborate together or form a group for one-off shows. Through these endeavours The Almighty Rhombus has persisted. We were able to consolidate our pop-rainbow of experience into a tightly wound musical joy-machine.

Contrarily, everywhere else (the places we aren’t from) the notion that we’re considered a supergroup is met with some confusion (which we understand!), but for the purposes of this email imagine you’re from Sudbury. It will make everything so much sweeter. And since you’re not actually in Sudbury you’ll be warmer as you pretend.

Here’s a video for our song ‘She Didn’t Want Me’. This is how we have fun in the cold…and sun!

OH! We almost forgot…the fake success must be going to out heads! Here’s our latest EP, which we’ve made free for the month of March! Don’t believe us (we’ve lied before). Click the link!

Full length ‘Lucid Living’ is out this summer, but enjoy the EP now. Yes to now!

The Almighty Rhombus”

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