Saturday 19 November 2011

Review: Pyrolator

Pyrolator – Neuland (Bureau B Records)
Pyrolator is the solo alias of music and computer specialist, Kurt Dahkle, who is also a member of Fehlfarben, DAF, Burkina Electric, Bombay I and A Certain Frank. “Neuland” is the fifth in the “Land” series (following “Inland”, “Ausland”, “Wunderland” and “Traumland”) but is an epic 24 years since his previous solo release and 32 years since the release of “Inland” in 1979!

Pyrolator’s main instruments are self-built controllers that shape the music through hand movement or pressure, with names like “Brontologik”, “Monome”, “Lightning II” and “Mantra”. For “Neuland” he has moved away from a more sound installation medium where he takes small portions of keyboard generated music, programmed rhythm and chords then manipulates them with his chosen tools. The output is an effortlessly complicated, organic, Eurocentric dance vibe.

For clubs, absolutely great, but “Neuland” could easily wash over the home listener and leave without earmarking a particular standout track.

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