Friday 24 May 2013

Tonight at The Musician: Mick Pini Band + Mick Ridgway's Mojo Hand (Acoustic Set)

Mick Pini Band
Friday 24th May
plus Mick Ridgway's Mojo Hand (Acoustic Set)
Live, Mick Pini is simply brilliant - but why take our word for it; Eric Clapton called him the “legitimate successor to Peter Green”, while Mick Vernon described him as “ having the energy and attack that made Freddie King one of the greats. There are too few great guitarists working the European scene. Sure there are many good ones, but only a few have the potential to make a mark in a way Peter Green did many years ago.” Perhaps the most telling tribute is the fact that when Mick is in town, Mick Double, Eric Clapton’s manager can regularly be found at the back of the room, quietly enjoying Mick’s set.

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