Thursday 16 May 2013

Review: Djam Karet – The Trip

Djam Karet – The Trip (Djam Karet’s HC Productions)
The American instrumental five-piece, Djam Karet, have been garnering a cult following since their formation back in 1984. “The Trip” is their sixteenth release though just their second in eight years, and they’ve incisively sidestepped a need for commercial success by making it a single 47 minute track. 

“The Trip” shows that Djam Karet still hold a torch for their 1970’s forefathers – namely England’s space-prog rockers, King Crimson or Pink Floyd and Germany’s electronically inclined Cluster, Tangerine Dream and Harmonia - and continue to mine cannabinoid landscapes for strange and mysterious leads. 

They have augmented the classic prog line-up of guitar, bass, drums and synths with digital and analogue effects, samples, fielding recordings, flute and bouzouki. Their craft is to fuel the imagination, to transport the listener through time, space and esoteric places, where the insular flight paths journey from electro-laced fields, through skies of everlasting radio waves, touch down briefly for alien, futuristic and windswept fantasies, and occasional earthbound stoner rock-outs.

So load your pipe, stick your headphones on, and head out into the intergalactic airwaves.

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