Friday 10 May 2013

Bacharach and Costello head for Broadway with musical

Chuck Lorre, creator of US TV hit Two and a Half Men, is working with Burt Bacharach and Elvis Costello to adapt their 1998 album Painted from Memory into a musical.

The duo won a Grammy award for one of the record's tracks, I Still Have That Other Girl.

Bacharach said the show "won't be a comedy", given the album's dark lyrics.

Costello revealed they were writing new music for the show, which they hoped would make it to Broadway.

Painted from Memory was an unusual collaboration between Bacharach, a legendary composer of classic romantic pop, and Costello, an English singer-songwriter who began his career in punk.

It also included the songs God Give Me Strength and This House is Empty Now.

Bacharach said Lorre contacted him to say he wanted to write a story to go with the songs without giving details of the storyline.

As well as Two and a Half Men, Lorre has created several other successful sitcoms including The Big Bang Theory and Dharma and Greg.

Source: BBC

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