Thursday 9 May 2013

Review: Genna & Jesse – Tumbleweed and Tonic (Download Single)

Genna & Jesse – Tumbleweed and Tonic (Independent)
Made available to coincide with the release of Genna & Jesse’s excellent new album “Give and Take”, the single “Tumbleweed and Tonic” compliments the long-player perfectly. Radio-friendly with hooks aplenty; its story is a simple one, as it narrates a relationship - the ups and downs, the good and bad, and does so with faultless pop chops and a light, jazzy, summery feel.

Genna Giacobassi’s voice is purpose built for this kind of song, and her tone is both easy on the ear and elegantly soulful. Her partner Jesse Dyen brings a wealth of experience to their musical table. His guitar and piano play to Genna’s vocal strengths and the arrangement sticks around long after the music has stopped.

If literate, grown-up, soulful pop rocks your boat, and you’re on the lookout for something to accompany long drinks and even longer summer nights, then both “Tumbleweed and Tonic” and its accompanying album should be on your shopping list.
Tony S.

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