Friday 24 May 2013

Tonight at De Montfort Hall: Julian Clary

De Montfort Hall Presents…

Julian Clary

Position Vacant, Apply Within

Friday 24th May
Tickets: £18 / £20
Doors: 8pm
Julian Clary is looking for love and he’s not leaving town empty handed…..

Master of camp and Celebrity Big Brother Winner, Julian Clary is scouring the land in search of love. He’s promised to leave no straight unturned.  “Because I’m still considered to be quite a catch and because your town is noted for its heterosexuals on the cusp, there’s bound to be stiff competition”, says Julian.  “Therefore I’ll be hosting ruthless elimination games. You can be sure of one thing. By the end of the evening, we’ll all be celebrating my new partnership.” A glass of Blue Nun may be available to those who make an effort or anyone named Jason. But please bring your own confetti.

"You think knob jokes are easy?...Clary makes them flow like cheap German wine." Times

"Hilarious...vintage Clary" whatsonstage 

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