Thursday 29 August 2013

Tonight at The Musician (29/8): Trembling Bells + Fangtrouser + Melanie Page & The Old Joy

Magic Teapot presents...

Trembling Bells
Thursday 29th August
plus Fangtrouser and Melanie Page & The Old Joy
Trembling Bells are 21st century troubadours who know their history, joyously attempting to synthesise traditional folk forms with the bathetic romanticism of country music, the deceptive complexity of medieval music and the swagger of classic Rock. Frank Sinatra, Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen are the guiding lights in a music that embraces British folk-rock, American roots and electric psychedelia. They are on a quest to connect with the core tradition of song and live deep within its mysteries… a rhapsodic celebration of the power of song.

In Spring 2012 the Trembling Bells played, sang and duelled with Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, performing a new collection of songs written by the Trembling Bells some of which appear on the collaborative album ‘The Marble Downs’, out on Honest Jon’s..

"There’s folk, there’s rock, there’s psychedelia, there’s beauty, there’s noise, there’s sex, there’s gloom, there’s humour, there’s fun. It’s often over-the-top but sometimes perfectly restrained. It’s totally, gloriously, f***ing nuts" - Sounds XP

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