Wednesday 14 August 2013

Introducing: Garry Carson Jones

Introducing: Garry Carson Jones

The record: Atonement (Independent)

They say: An album of acoustic easy listening songs. A combination of folk, folk-rock and new age acoustic music. Beautifully written, it’s an album that touches the heart of the listener. Journey the emotional roller-coaster ride, from a separation to eventually finding peace. A well-balanced combination of light and shade permeates the album.

We say: “Atonement” is a tender collection of songs, sung in an open, expressive voice and backed by warm, acoustic guitars. Here the Poddy Dodgers’ frontman has shaped an album that fully exposes his spiritual side with songs that gently get under the skin and stay there. As tempting as it is to label the sound and style as new age, “Atonement” never slips into pure ambient tones or excessive noodling - instead Jones’ heartfelt songs remain resolutely to the fore.

RIYL: James Taylor, Damien Rice.


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