Thursday 25 April 2013

Review: Gil Caro – Inner Whispers

Gil Caro – Inner Whispers (Independent)
From Atlanta, Georgia, Gil Caro has been a full-time musician for a number of years, playing a blend of soft rock and Spanish influenced guitar music. “Inner Whispers” is his third album (his debut “Marietta Rain” was released in 2003, and its follow up “Cool Changes / Cambios” appeared in 2007 – and both still available) and continues to reflect his interest in writing and recording original material, as well as putting his own spin on classic songs. Fortunately he possesses a distinctive voice, and enough soul and talent in his fingers to make the latter more than an idle boast. Indeed, most of the covers on his new record well worth hearing, and contain more than a streak of originality.

He’s certainly not phased by taking on well-known material. He begins with The Moody Blues’ “Nights in White Satin”, and while the arrangement is kept intact, he instills a rootsy, weathered edge, which softens the song. It’s a solid start, and he does much the same for Gary Wright’s “Dream Weaver”, stripping it back to its core, and introducing a subtlety that’s quite absorbing. Of Caro’s own songs, I can’t sign off without mentioning “Lady Light” – a timeless ballad, which sits comfortably amongst the esteemed company.
Tony S.

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