Wednesday 24 April 2013

Alasdair Roberts & Friends - 'A Wonder Working Stone' UK Tour 2013

Alasdair Roberts & Friends - 'A Wonder Working Stone' UK Tour 2013

Beginning in EDINBURGH and GLASGOW two full-band performances from the Scottish singer/guitarist/songwriter/etc, featuring: Alasdair Roberts (acoustic guitar, voice), Stevie Jones (upright bass), Shane Connolly (drums), Rafe Fitzpatrick (fiddle), Ben Reynolds (electric guitar, harmonica) Olivia Chaney (harmonium, voice), Ross McCrae (trombone), Richard Merchant (trumpet) and Alison McGillivray (viola da gamba).


May 2nd:             EDINBURGH Teviot Hall (full band)
May 3rd:             GLASGOW Stereo (full band)
May 9th:             ABERDEEN Tunnels (duo w/Stevie Jones)
May 13th:             LONDON Barbican (solo, before Mariza)
May 14th:             NORWICH Theatre Royal (solo, before Mariza)
May 16th:             COVENTRY Taylor Johns (duo w/Olivia Chaney)
May 18th             CAMBRIDGE The Junction (full band)
May 24th:             CARMARTHEN The Tangled Parrot (solo)
May 26th:             MEADOWLANDS FESTIVAL (duo w/Olivia Chaney)
May 27th:             BRISTOL The Grain Barge (duo w/Olivia Chaney)
May 29th:             EDINBURGH Folk Club (solo)
May 20th:             LEICESTER The Musician (solo)
May 31st:             LONDON The Goose is Out! (solo)
June 1st:             LIVERPOOL Rodewald Suite (solo)
June 14th:             NEW GALLOWAY: CatStrand (trio)

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