Friday 12 April 2013

Review: Candice Long – Birds Of The Air EP

Candice Long – Birds Of The Air EP (Independent)
Candice Long describes herself as a “Brisbane Music Making Person”, which is awkwardly succinct, and frankly, makes me smile. She’s toured extensively in North America, and is something of a mainstay of her local Queensland scene, gigging regularly, playing festivals, winning awards and appearing on television and radio. Her latest EP, the five-track “Birds Of The Air” neatly encapsulates her strengths; as a singer, a musician, and as a songwriter – and all sit comfortably within her easy roots style.

The collection begins with the title track, a first-rate pop-folk song that combines hooks, jangly African-esque guitars and a lyric that ruminates on the simple stuff.  “You and I” strips back Long’s sound to something simpler and more direct, but it retains all her core qualities, and it’s easy to understand why she’s a favourite with broadcasters.

She draws inspiration from her parents, who were both entertainers, and as for direct influences, Jewel, Alanis Morissette and Sheryl Crow all get a mention on Long’s Facebook page. Also Bob Dylan is cited, and perhaps he’s the overriding influence on all songwriters, though there’s nothing stylistically obvious to link the pair here, except, of course, one of Long’s songs just happens to be entitled “Bob Dylan”.
Simon M.

Listen to the EP’s title track here

Candice Long: Birds of the Air - EP

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