Saturday 29 October 2011

Review: Tim Ryan O'Kane

Tim Ryan O’Kane - The Monsters Kiss (Independent)
This is O’Kane’s latest CD “The Monsters Kiss” officially released in 2011. He brings to the table a plethora of musical experience that can’t be questioned. His background: O’Kane hails from Brooklyn area and is no stranger to the Music Business. He obviously knows what he’s doing behind the glass in a studio environment.

I always listen to the first piece very, very carefully. It’s what the artists has personally chosen to be the first piece of music to hit your ears. I have to say I was extremely impressed with the opening track "Lullaby” certainly a dynamic number which possessed my full, unadulterated attention. To be honest: I expected sing songy pop rock that was extremely predictable in nature – very compatible for a mass audience. What I discovered was quite the opposite. The whole CD is wonderfully simple yet full of what I would call dark energy with music that appeals to all the senses. It reminds me a little of King Crimson, Peter Gabriel. Fish and Big Blue Ball There are both fantastic and melancholy moments on “The Monsters Kiss” which gives the sound a much complex yet marketable feel. There were also some entertaining moments throughout but also a few pin drop moments as well. From top to bottom “The Monsters Kiss” is an extremely polished sounding production with amazing sound quality, legendary musicianship and top of the line musical compositions.

The most amazing thing about Tim Ryan O’Kane is his X-Factor. What is X-Factor – it is the passion within and it’s nothing that can be taught from a textbook. O’Kane appeals to both advanced and novice listeners alike. This is harder to do than it sounds – and shouldn’t be strived for, rather it should come just naturally. O Kane has proven himself worthy of praise with this latest string of songs. There’s nothing more dangerous than a musical savant armed with a guitar, a gift and a one way ticket to your psyche.
Adam Taylor

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