Thursday 13 October 2011

Review: The Ballad Of AJ Weberman (DVD)

The Ballad Of AJ Weberman – DVD (Ghost Ship Films)
AJ Weberman, the man who famously invented garbology (the art of trawling through a celebrity’s rubbish bins to find out the good stuff). Weberman’s obsession was Bob Dylan who he ruthlessly stalked, and then literally published the dirt. “The Ballad Of AJ Weberman” catches up with the man and his ‘associates’ and he’s still just as fascinated with Dylan and his songs. His claims, about uniquely understanding Dylan and his message, are always compelling, though undoubtedly flawed.

Personally, I envy him a little. Us 21st century types flit from pillar to post, never getting too passionate about anyone or anything. It must be nice to dedicate / waste your life trying to get under the skin of one particular artist, taking them apart and seeing how they tick, though I’m not sure Dylan’s of the same mind. This isn’t the most comfortable viewing, but it is compulsive.
Simon M.

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