Monday 31 October 2011

New Reviews

Catch up with all our new reviews on the main Leicester Bangs website:

This Weeks Big New Releases:
Florence + The Machine - Ceremonials
The Beach Boys – The Smile Sessions
Lou Reed & Metallica - Lulu
Manic Street Preachers – National Treasures
Bush – The Sea Of Memories
V/A – Movement: The Peel Sessions 1977-1979

New Reviews:
The Damned – The Chiswick Singles… And Another Thing
TapWater – Too Dark To Blink
Pumajaw - Demonmeowmeow
Mikal Cronin – S/T
Hard Country – S/T
Dead Voices On Air – Michael And The Angels Fought
Bravo Johnson – Come taste The Sun
Maria Taylor - Overlook
Ike Moriz – Charade
Mark & Deb – Between Stop & Go
Tim Ryan O’Kane – The Monsters Kiss
Robin DeLorenzo – Wanna Fly

Classic Reviews from the Leicester Bangs Print Archive
David Bowie - Earthling (1997)
The Jayhawks – Sound Of Lies (1997)
Engine 88 (1997)
White Town (1997)

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