Thursday, 5 September 2013

Tonight at The Musician: John Butler (Diesel Park West)

John Butler (Diesel Park West)
Thursday 5th September
1989 the year the Berlin Wall came down the beginning of dance culture entering mainstream pop culture and the year of the last great NME invention taking hold in the imagination of youth with a rather baggy Stone Roses led cult. What may not be so easily recalled was the release in January of that year of a hugely influential album by Diesel Park West; Shakespeare Alabama. This album swam against prevailing tides of the day with songs of such quality it seemed to many a major new force for good had arrived. John Butler's songwriting demonstrated quite clearly with this debut that here was someone able to craft songs of such quality comparisons to Ray Davies, Marriot-Lane, Townsend even Young and Zimmerman were clearly applicable.

Alas critical acclaim does not in itself translate into major success and despite selling well, Shakespeare Alabama was denied its due place in the upper reaches of rock n roll. The band however continues to this day and are now eight albums into a “career” that may actually turn out to be all the more creatively substantial for having not sold millions upon millions of records. With the shackles of commercial upkeep off, Butler has written his way into the bigger picture more than ever via tunes like Faithless Life, Bloody As Fur, A House Divided, Leave Me With The Sinners and the sublime latter day radio favourite There's A Grace spread out over the last twenty something years.

With the songs and the voice to sing them John's solo acoustic gigs demonstrate all the inherent musical qualities at their heart delivered with an engaging wit and insight only someone with intimate knowledge of the real music business could possibly know. Performances wrapped up in a humorous and insightful delivery, not afraid to enter the dark zone whilst offering consummate skill in doing so. A John Butler night is well worth checking out!

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