Wednesday 18 September 2013

Review: E Minor – Dust Out Of Sand

E Minor – Dust Out Of Sand (Independent)
E Minor (or Eminor – depending on where you’re looking) is Michigan singer-songwriter Elizabeth Minor. Writing and performing from a young age, she brings confidence and maturity to her new album, and is unafraid to add jazz and soul flourishes to her bluesy folk style. Ambitious songs and arrangements are augmented by a full production, including strings and brass, with Minor’s rich vocals always taking centre-stage.

It’s understandable that Amy Winehouse is mentioned as one of her key influences, but Minor seems much more comfortable behind a mic than Winehouse, and feels no need to perform vocal acrobatics to deliver her words. There’s a gentleness to her delivery that’s warm and engaging, and that’s reflected in the musicianship of the players she’s surrounded herself with. Their languid, sultry tones are a perfect match.

It can only be a matter of time before Minor starts attracting the attention of major music publications, tv, radio and record labels. “Dust Out Of Sand” is simply too good a record to be ignored, with a surplus of great tracks that should be gracing grown-up, late night radio on both sides of the Atlantic.

Opening cut “Parachute” is one of them. It’s structured beautifully, with a smoky soul ambience that envelops the listener. “Across the Way” is delicate and graceful with bluesy trumpet and a rolling bassline – great vocals, too! “Beautiful Dungeon” has already garnered attention, and with its noirish trappings and dark hints of desperate love and sadness, it’s a song that will appeal to fans of Jesse Sykes and Sharon Van Etten.
Phil S.

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