Tuesday 15 October 2013

Tate uses celebrities to 'unlock' art

Frank Skinner, new Doctor Who actor Peter Capaldi and Alan Cumming are among the celebrities fronting a new series of films for Tate.

It is hoped the series will "unlock big ideas that have shaped art history", bringing art to a wider audience.

Entitled Unlock Art, the campaign aims to "offer the culturally curious a stimulating, imaginative and witty introduction to the world of art".

The first film sees comedian Skinner offering a lesson in performance art.

The writer, presenter, actor and art enthusiast explores the art form's origins from Dadaism and Surrealism through to Yoko Ono and Joseph Beuys.

It also looks at how performance art "makes us question the way we perceive the world around us".

Skinner's is the first of eight films, which will be released on a monthly basis.

Other art movements and themes to be explored in the series include the history of the nude, humour in art, Surrealism and Pop art.

Source: BBC

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