Saturday 12 October 2013

Review: Forgotten Birds – Sahara

Forgotten Birds – Sahara (Karaoke Kalk)
Forgotten Birds are from Hamburg, formed around the duo of Jan Gazarra and Judy Willms. “Sahara” is their debut LP. Together, they play a kind of ambient country-folk music. With space and light they tackle old-school love stories, every day existence, and express melancholy with a heartfelt happiness.

Sprinkling everything with rays of sunshine and the odd electronic dappling, they seem to have rid themselves of negative emotion: “She Goes” tells of someone walking away forever, and is delivered beautifully with no regret, despair or tears

A flower-powered passion for love, peace and simplicity pervades throughout. Tracks such as, “Brooklyn Bridge” and “Fools Rush In” have a touch of Laura Viers about them whilst the ‘quietly does it’ approach of Kings of Convenience is ever present - possibly no coincidence, as Marcin Oz of Whitest Boy Alive plays bass!

The album ends with the much covered easy listening classic, and the theme to “The Thomas Crown Affair”, “Windmills Of Your Mind” and I suppose, in a nutshell (and meant in the best possible way) this album represents the stylized easy listening of the 21st century.

Forgotten Birds – Fools Rush In

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