Tuesday 15 October 2013

Review: Promis – Indiscretions

Promis – Indiscretions (Jfpmusic)
Jose Promis is a Chilean born singer-songwriter, living in Los Angeles. His musical roots can be traced back to the city’s independent cabaret and theatre scene, and there’s certainly plenty of drama to be found within “Indiscretions”, his seventh album. It’s a substantial collection – well over and hour long – and Promis explores a succession of ideas and styles, never allowing the listener to really settle or become over-familiar with their aural surroundings. It could’ve been messy, or too fractured to be truly satisfying, but his mix of old-world influences, artier songwriters like Bowie, Brel, Scott Walker and Rufus Wainwright, put together with his own strong songs, makes for a rewarding and consistently enjoyable listening experience.

In fact, “Indiscretions” feels like quite a find. Promis is a writer with much to say, and new and interesting ways to say it. Here he begins with “Martinis At Noon”, its mix of progressive instrumentation and pop sensibilities is intrinsically likeable, especially when coupled with a damning commentary on vacuous living in the City Of Angels. “Love Lurks and Lives in the Blackest of Night” is just as good. It takes musical inspiration from Berlin’s 1930’s cabaret scene, though Promis contemporizes it brilliantly and the song’s structure and arrangement give it shiny new wings. By contrast “50 Bucks from Me” arrives on rapid electronic beats, and both Sparks and Giorgio Moroder come to mind. It’s a multifaceted collection, and another face is revealed on “The Weeping Song”, a sweeping indie-folk-rock track, with elements of The Decemberists, and perhaps a little Morricone at the edges. All in all it’s the sort of record that the dedicated listener can really get their teeth into and I’m happy to recommend it - unreservedly.
Phil S.

Promis – 50 Bucks from Me

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