Wednesday 2 October 2013

Art masterpieces on show in schools

Paintings by LS Lowry, JMW Turner and Claude Monet have been taken out of galleries and into schools in an attempt to introduce children to art.

Some 27 artworks will be exhibited in classrooms, accompanied by curators and security guards, for one day each.

The paintings, worth an estimated £14m, will also include works by Thomas Gainsborough and Stanley Spencer.

BBC Your Paintings said the artworks would provide inspiration for lessons like history and drama as well as art.

LS Lowry's Market Scene, Northern Town, painted in 1939 and now valued at £1.6m, has been taken from the Lowry gallery in Salford.

While that painting is in a school, other classic Lowry works are in one of the most high-profile exhibitions of the year at Tate Britain in London.

The school scheme has been organised by BBC Your Paintings, which has spent the past two years photographing 200,000 publicly-owned oil paintings in an attempt to improve access to the UK's art collection.

Current artists will also accompany the paintings into schools to lead workshops.

They will include Bob and Roberta Smith, who said: "All children deserve not only to appreciate and understand art, but also to have hands on first-hand experience of working with materials.

"How exciting to have an amazing artwork in your school then to go to the art room or classroom and make something amazing yourself."

The paintings will visit primary and secondary schools across the UK between 1 and 18 October.

Source: BBC

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