Tuesday 4 June 2013

Rob Mulholland: Russian steel sculpture completed in five days

Scottish artist Rob Mulholland has completed a new sculpture in the Russian steel town of Vyska.

The Aberfoyle-based artist attracted worldwide attention for his larger-than-life-size mirrored figures.

It led to a number of new commissions including one from the industrial town of Vyska, which asked him to use materials from its local steelworks.

Rob completed the sculpture, including installation, in just five days, with the help of two local welders.
Rob's stainless steel mirror sculptures have sparked interest from around the world.

The Edinburgh College of Art graduate said the authorities in Vyska, which has one of the largest steelworks in Europe, asked him to submit a plan for a permanent sculpture for their new sculpture park.

"I developed the idea of a 4m-high (13ft) tower which has collapsed, creating an arched sculpture," said Rob.

He told BBC Scotland that the sculpture had gone down "incredibly well".

"This is very much a steel town, everything including the roofs of garden sheds is made of steel and 75% of the local workforce make steel products, so I think this is partly why they have taken to the sculpture," he said.

Rob added: "I've had an amazing insight into life in Russia and met some charming people, they are a bit like us Scots, a little reserved to begin with and not too full of themselves, but once you break the ice they have a great sense of humour and are incredibly resourceful people and nothing is too much trouble."

Source: BBC

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