Friday 14 June 2013

Review: Tobias Thomhave – S/T

Tobias Thomhave – S/T (Weak)
Tobias Thomhave was ten-years old when his family relocated from Sweden to the UK for a year. Young Thomhave soon learnt the language and a love of English writing and poetry has left a lasting impression - and dominates his own songwriting. His gentle, unobtrusive style is incredibly easy to like and possibly take for granted, but he’s a lyricist with plenty to say, and you’ll want to absorb his words.

He’s earned his troubadour spurs playing around Europe, especially Copenhagen and Athens, and that wandering spirit is mirrored in his songs, which give the impression of blowing in on a cool breeze. Comparisons don’t come easily, which must be a good thing, and the instrumental combination of hushed orchestral strings and acoustic guitar is spellbinding.

Of course it’s Thomhave’s voice and songs that provide focus, and they rarely disappoint. Opening track “Eyes of a Child” is slow and haunting, yet quite beautiful and poignant. It’s also arranged with a communicable melody that is retained long after the music has ceased.

His songs display many similar characteristics throughout the album’s ten tracks. “Emelie” touches on the same sort of melancholy that Jackie Leven used to exhibit on his more subdued material, and the seven-minute “Humming of Her Heart” dips and soars and comes with a chorus that the heartbroken and bereft can sing-along (or hum-along) to.
Tony S.

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