Wednesday 12 December 2012

Review: The Steak House Mints – Love Songs For Prostitutes

The Steak House Mints – Love Songs For Prostitutes (Independent)
Chicago quintet The Steak House Mints is an old-fashioned guitar pop band, shaping killer hooks amongst clever wordplay and big tunes. It’s the sort of thing that should never go out of fashion, but such is the fickle nature of modern music, bands like The Steak House Mints rarely breakout of their immediate locale. Still, we’re happy to do our bit, and if classic new wave bands like The Cars, XTC and Squeeze have found a place in your affections, you should probably make room for this lot, too.

Erstwhile opener “Hi-Ya” displays all the subtle ingenuity of The Tubes going toe to toe with Queen, but in a good way, and the following “Yeah, Right” contains a keyboard motif that’s borderline dangerous. Both are wonderful, but better still is “The Diplomat Hotel” where a horn section is employed and it’s just so joyous. If you’re not grinning like a loon and bouncing ‘round the room, it might be worth checking your pulse.
Rob F.

The Steak House Mints: Love Songs for

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