Tuesday 12 November 2013

Review: Lindsey Dukes – Chasing The Moon

Lindsey Dukes – Chasing The Moon (Independent)
There are some lovely moments on Lindsey Dukes’ “Chasing The Moon” EP, the Austin, Texas based singer-songwriter’s six-track debut collection. Relatively inexperienced, she only recently began to take her music seriously, but her songs, their arrangements, and the way she sings and presents them, suggest an artist with no shortage of either confidence or talent.

She’s been guided and recorded by renowned producer/engineer/musician J.R. Taylor, and their partnership pays dividends from the off. Opening cut “Window to Your Dreams” arrives fully-formed with a full-band production, and Dukes introduces herself with an emotionally rigorous, wholly accessible, pop-folk song, which ebbs and flows in a most agreeable way. Big, sing-a-long choruses work their way into the subconscious and melodic hooks immediately find purchase.

“Your Smile” is joyous and cheerful, with simple backing – I’m not sure which stringed instrument takes lead, but it certainly put a smile on my face, and final track, “Quiet Days” is wonderfully contemplative. In-between are my personal favourites, the urbane title cut, and the jazz-flecked “Another Way Home”, where everything comes together beautifully. It’s probably Dukes finest vocal on the collection and displays all the grown-up pop sophistication of a major label production.
Phil S.

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