Friday 22 November 2013

Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd November at The Musician, Leicester: Danfest 3

Doktor Dyper presents

Danfest 3
Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd November
Advance Tickets £35 Weekend, £16 Fri, £23 Sat
Door Prices £40 Weekend £18 Fri £25 Sat
feat. DeeExpus, Godsticks, The Fierce & The Dead (Friday), Haken, Mr. So & So, Comedy Of Errors, The Gift and Hekz (Saturday)
Doors 18:30 Friday, 12:00 Saturday
The third Danfest this time features eight bands who cover the prog spectrum ranging from the traditional melodic sounds to the harder and heavier side of the genre. Friday evening is headlined by DeeExpus, whose album features Marillion keyboard player Mark Kelly and vocals from Nik Kershaw on one track also. Godsticks showcase their technical brand of prog, and kicking off the festival, The Fierce And The Dead bring their more metal sounding approach into the fold.

Opening on Saturday, Hekz will appeal to the Iron Maiden/Dream Theater fans, while The Gift take the volume down a notch with their Genesis take on the genre. Closing the afternoon are Comedy Of Errors who again follow the more trad prog sound, a band who are gaining respect with notable gigs around the UK. Kicking off Saturday evening are circuit veterans Mr. So & So with their eclectic sound featuring part female vocals, making for an interesting mix. Closing the festival, Haken make their second visit to The Musician having performed with Headspace last September, and presenting a new album which will launch the band to new heights and set Danfest alight. It's all set to be a memorable weekend.

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