Saturday 13 July 2013

This weekend at The Musician: Saturday, Slyde Alive (Slade Tribute) / Sunday, Leeroy Stagger

Saturday 13th July

Slyde Alive (Slade Tribute)
£7adv £8door
One day a large tattoo'd northern man called Nidge surveyed his domain. Something was missing. Something loud. Bawdy. Fun. Something that would warm even the coldest blood.

"This world needs Noddy to get back on stage with Slade" thought our hero. At this moment, Andy, an equally large guitarist reminded our hero he was supposed to be singing AC/DC songs as it was the middle of a gig.

Soon after, Andy pointed out that not only did he share the same initials as said vocal legend he actually sang like the bloke.

Slyde Alive was born.

Sunday 14th July

Leeroy Stagger
£7adv £8door
plus Dennis Elsworth
There is a space floating between pop and punk, between folk and kickass, a sweet spot that Leeroy Stagger inhabits with buoyancy, acerbic wit and ridiculously catchy melodic hooks. Stagger’s music combines tender honesty of the songwriter with a ballsy punk-rock swagger and the prolific Canadian roots rocker is soon to release his 8th studio album “Truth Be Sold” produced by Grammy Award winner Steve Berlin of Los Lobos.

He has garnered an international fan base after relentless touring both home and abroad. It is simply a matter of time before Stagger joins the likes of Ryan Adams, John Hiatt and Steve Earle as an ambassador for North American Roots Rock n Roll.

Remember; always check with the venue before travelling:

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