Friday 8 June 2012

Things To Do In Leicester (Cinema / 11th June)...

Monday 11th June onwards at The Phoenix
Visit the Phoenix website (link below) for start times.

Dark Shadows
Following their hugely successful past collaborations, Tim Burton and Johnny Depp re-team for another fantastically kooky film. Loosely based on the cult 60's TV show, Depp plays 18th Century wealthy playboy Barnabas Collins - who is cursed and turned into a Vampire after he refuses the advances of a witch. Awaking in 1972, Barnabas must rally his dysfunctional descendants to restore his family's reputation! Hilarious moments ensue as Barnabas adjusts to modern life; this is cinema as pure blissful entertainment.

Even The Rain
Gael GarcĂ­a Bernal stars as Sebastian, an ambitious director who is in Bolivia to shoot a historical epic. Surrounded by a wealth of cheap labour and extras, Sebastian and his producer are happy to exploit the locals; however as a conglomerate company looks to privatise all the country's water resources, the film crew find themselves embroiled in a revolution. Already picking up awards at international film festivals including the Berlinale last year, this is a stunning ode to the courage of ordinary people.

Breathing (Atmen)
Best known for his role in The Counterfeiters, Karl Markovics' directorial debut is a stunning tour-de-force that lingers long in the memory. Thomas Schubert delivers one of the all-time greatest debut performances as Roman - a young offender adjusting to civilian life whilst coming to terms with his crime. A job at a funeral home offers some form of redemption, but can he learn to forgive himself? Despite its subject matter this is an uplifting film about second chances, superbly acted and directed.

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