Saturday 2 June 2012

The Archers: 1/06/2012


Everything is falling apart for Clarrie. Meanwhile Joe is feeling aggrieved.

Alice and Chris are treating Spearmint's hoof and wonder where he received his injury. They discuss Amy's preoccupation with Carl and her persistent belief that he is not married. Alice thinks some detective work is needed. Amy might be able to move on if she can accept the truth. Proof of Carl's other life may provide her with the reality check she needs. Chris tells her to be careful. Chris is starting to get a bit fed up with Amy always being around. But at least he's off to nets tonight – and he's Ifty's blue-eyed boy.

Later, Alice reveals that Carl's affair with Amy has brought up memories regarding her father's indiscretion with Siobhan. Jennifer was devastated and Alice thinks of the heartache Carl's wife will endure if she finds out about Amy.

It's becoming increasingly difficult for Ruth and David to keep security measures in place with their two boys demanding the independence they have always enjoyed. Ruth reckons Josh knows something's up.

Clarrie's not impressed with the number of people letting her down. Ruth is the latest one to be too busy to bake for the giant Jubilee sponge cake. And Joe is still upset that Bob Pullen will be cutting it on Sunday.

Episode written by Nawal Gadalla.

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