Wednesday 6 June 2012

The Archers: 5/06/2012


Alice undertakes some internet investigations and Nic is in for a disappointment.

With babymaking on her mind, Nic's cooked a lovely meal and is keen for Will to be home early. But he returns with the news that he has to go back out to attend to a rogue fox. Nic's disappointed, but Will says he'll be as quick as he can. Nic promises she'll be waiting.

Alice is trying to find out all she can about Carl's wife in an effort to stop Amy clinging to hope. Alice calls Annabelle for information.

The air's frosty at the Vicarage. Amy snaps that she's fed up of being cast as the troublemaker. Frustrated Usha declares she hasn't time to argue and goes, leaving Amy to answer the ringing phone.

Amy's heartened when Alice tells her Carl's wife Rochelle doesn't use her married name. But she is shocked that Rochelle is a parent governor, and therefore must have a child. Amy thinks Carl would surely have told her this. He's loving and kind, and so he can't possibly be in love with his wife. Alice advises Amy to look at the facts. But Amy's convinced Carl's only staying with his wife for the sake of their child, when really he's in love with her, Amy. Poor Carl, she says. He must be really hurting.

Episode written by Graham Harvey.

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