Monday 4 June 2012

The Archers: 3/06/2012


Ambridge celebrates with the nation but will Clarrie's Jubilee cake be ready on time?

The atmosphere at Brookfield is tense, and David's keen to get the family focussed on something positive. He was hoping to do a 'team talk' for Open Farm Sunday. Ruth suggests tomorrow might be a good time, and sets off for the Jubilee celebrations with Ben. She's delighted when David joins them later. They're both glad they came, and agree that they can't let one person spoil it for them.

Things aren't quite going according to plan in the Village Hall kitchen, as the sponges for the Jubilee cake are not all as expected. Practical Nic eases Clarrie's mind and gets the cake into shape, and icing commences. Jill joins in and a production line is established. To Lynda's surprise it's finished in the nick of time and looks lovely.

Joe reminisces about the Queen's coronation day. He is disappointed to find his pint of Shires isn't on the house today, as it had been back then. To his disgust, Mr Pullen arrives safely to cut the Jubilee cake. But Joe's dismay turns to delight when he's asked to lead the rousing cheers to her majesty.

Episode written by Graham Harvey.

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