Tuesday 19 June 2012

Review: Eddie C. Campbell - Spider Eating Preacher

Eddie C. Campbell - Spider Eating Preacher (Delmark)
In a blues world too often characterised by its innate predictability, there are few artists as assuredly individual as Eddie C. Campbell. Over half a century since his performing debut and three years on from his first release for the legendary Delmark label the unique laconic grooves that comprise his self-styled ‘West Coast Funk’ are alive and well on ‘Spider Eatin Preacher’.

Trading reverb-drenched licks with guest guitar legend Lurrie Bell, Campbell has lost none of his talent for mesmerising with both his instrument and voice; and, ably supported by a full cast of players that provide both a steady rhythm and more than a few engaging diversions, has turned in a set of fifteen songs that cuts no slack, and is compelling from start to finish. ‘Call My Mama’ and Jimmie Lee Robinson’s haunting ‘All My Life’ somehow manage to stand out from an otherwise wholly substantial collection.
Neil B.

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