Tuesday 5 June 2012

The Archers: 4/06/2012


Vicky ruffles a few feathers. Meanwhile Ruth and David try to hide their concerns.

Mike thinks he might put up a bit of a display of his forestry work after the Jubilee celebrations have finished, to see if he can attract some part-time help. Vicky's keen; she's all for increasing their leisure time.

Vicky says as much to Brenda later, as she buys her coffee at the beacon lighting. She can't wait to stop work when Mike retires so they'll have more time for holidays. Angry Brenda confides to Pip that she thinks Vicky's selfish. And when Mike announces later that Vicky's exhausted and they're heading home, Brenda declares that's just typical of Vicky; it always has to be all about her.

Pip hasn't time for David's team talk about Open Farm Sunday, but Ruth manages to get Josh and Ben enthused. She and David are grateful that the boys are at least in the house. They decide to walk to the beacon, and enjoy a family moment around the spectacular fire. Once back home they examine the security camera footage and find nothing untoward in the contents. Ruth gets emotional about the new situation in which they find themselves. David reassures her that everything's going to be fine.

Episode written by Graham Harvey.

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