Thursday 18 June 2009

SINGLE REVIEW: The Big Pink - Stop The World (Beggars/4AD)

Riding on the back of the success of first single 'Velvet', The Big Pink's 'Stop The World' is another heavily stomping indie track with the face of Kasabian, the brain of Glasvegas and the heart of Jesus And Mary Chain. Despite its drone-like intentions, however, the track is close to squeaky clean and, God forbid, a little NME-punter friendly. If The Big Pink aren't sucked into the oftentimes sound-killing vortex of "this is the greatest band you'll ever hear EVER this year goddamn, this is 2009, woo!", then my guess is they'll be okay. 'Stop The World' is another loud anthemic tune that could get old fast, but has enough melodic quality and scuzzy shoegaze influence that makes it credible without too much pretention.

Release Date: 29 Jun

Source: Unlimited Media

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