Thursday 18 June 2009


10,000 records pressed by US indie label Polyvinyl risk being destroyed as their distributor is downsizing its warehouse. Apart from being very wasteful, it would be a tragedy, as Polyvinyl's roster is packed full of great stuff. Among the CDs and DVDs facing the crusher are albums by Of Montreal, Mates Of State, and Architecture In Helsinki.

So, the company are asking for people to donate money to help them cover the costs of clearing the overstock. In return for these donations, you'll get (funnily enough) some of the records they're trying to shift.

Here's what your money will get you:

$5: A DVD
$10: Two CDs and a DVD
$15: Five CDs and a DVD
$20: eight CDs and DVD
$30: Thirteen CDs and a DVD
$50: Twenty six CDs and two DVDs

For details of which specific CDs and DVDs feature in each package, and to give Polyvinyl your cash, go here

Source: Unlimited Media

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