Tuesday 9 June 2009

Jeff Healey Widow Sued For Criticising Box Set

The widow of late Canadian jazz blues rock man Jeff Healey is being sued over allegations she conspired with her late husband's former publicist and a Toronto-based radio host to stop people from buying a Healey box set they released.

Winnipeg-based label Arbor released 'Legacy: Volume One', a collection of previously unreleased music by the famous blind guitarist and musician, last Autumn, six month's after Healey's death from cancer.

I'm not sure where Arbor got the recordings from, but Cristie Healey said she didn't endorse the release. She issued a statement at the time saying: "We ask that Jeff's fans please refrain from purchasing this compilation out of respect for Jeff and his family".

That pissed off Arbor, who say their sales were hit by Healey's statement. They are suing her, Healey's publicist and talk shot host Bill Carroll, who is presumably named for publicising Cristie's statement. Arbor say the trio "conspired" to stop people from buying their product.

Under what laws Arbor hope to sue Mrs Healey et al I'm really not sure. The defendants are yet to respond to the litigation.

Source: Unlimited Media www.unlimitedmedia.co.uk

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