Wednesday 10 June 2009

Patrick Wolf Arrested

According to reports, and his Twitter account, Patrick Wolf was arrested in San Francisco on Monday because he spat in a bouncer's face when at the city's Slim venue for a performance on his US tour.

The singer Tweeted as followed: "Was arrested by san fran police for spitting in a bouncer's face in protection of myself. Was almost shot in the face by a policeman. WTF? was told by the policeman "take your shitty ass music out of this city and if you ever step off that tour bus you will be ***** Feeling very thelma and louise right now.. must sleep... not allowed off the bus or i will be shot by a policeman. this country is insane!!! btw. apparently my spit DEFINITELY contains hiv, swine flu and hepatitis that is why my spit is a deadly weapon according to police here!"

Well, to be fair, some pretty nasty stuff can be passed on that way. And spitting is a really nasty thing to do in my opinion. No offence, PW.

Source: Unlimited Media

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