Wednesday 10 June 2009

Glastonbury Tickets Delay Murder Trial

Not really a pop courts story, but a murder trial being heard in a North London court has been postponed because one of the jurors has got Glastonbury tickets.

With the murder case set to run for weeks, and very probably through Glasto week (24-28 Jun), said juror asked to be excused from the case, but the judge refused and the trial began. But then the judge had a change of heart after someone seemingly explained to him what a big deal a trip to Glasto is - and, possibly, that a Glastonbury ticket is non-refundable and quite hard to sell on the secondary ticketing market because it has the ticket holder's name printed on it.

According to the Daily Mail, Judge Radford subsequently halted the trial and excused the Glasto fan, telling him: "If you had elaborated a bit more on what going to Glastonbury entailed I would have stood you down this morning. I think you perhaps presupposed a bit too much knowledge on my part. This is essentially a pre-booked holiday, and you have organised to go with friends. A new jury will be sworn in on Wednesday morning allowing the trial to begin".

The late in the day decision means the trial will have to start again with a new jury, something which could cost the criminal justice system several thousand pounds apparently. Perhaps they could have just moved the trial to Worthy Farm for the week - if any festival can accommodate a Court Of Justice Tent, surely its Glasto.

Source: Unlimited Media

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