Tuesday 9 June 2009

Hafdis Huld Stuff

Bit of trivia for you. Hafdis Huld's 2006 album 'Dirty Paper Cup' won Best Pop Album at the Icelandic Music Awards, but, more importantly, is really quite good at calming down small children who are being tired and fractious in the back of your car.

The singer, formerly of GusGus, is on tour in the UK at the moment, and recently had this to say about the filming of the video for her new single 'Kongulo': "Kongulo means spider in Icelandic and the song is about a Frenchman they call the human spiderman. He climbs tall buildings using just his bare hands and has his long hair streaming out behind him and he's very cool. His name is Alain Robert and I wrote to him and he wrote back but he couldn't be in my video because he's just been arrested in Australia for climbing another building. So instead I got my friend Ben to dress up in a Spiderman costume and we took a picnic to the woods and while I sang the song, Ben tried to climb a tall tree. He had to use a rope because he's not good at climbing trees - but he wasn't very good at that either and kept getting stuck upside down! He's now got blisters all over his hands, which isn't very rock and roll, but I gave him some chocolate and he's OK now".

Given all of Ben's efforts, you really ought to go watch the video here... www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ke0pQzZQ-6g

And, assuming you like the music you hear, then go check out one of the following Hafdis gigs (though I can't guarantee Ben will be doing any climbing at them)...

10 Jun: Birmingham, Academy 3
11 Jun: Bath, The Porter
14 Jun: Reading, The Oakford
16 Jun: Brighton, The Freebutt
18 Jun: Glasgow, Brel
22 Jun: London, Pure Grooves - instore
23 Jun: London, Slaughtered Lamb
25 Jul: Secret Garden Party

Source: Unlimited Media www.unlimitedmedia.co.uk

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