Friday 12 June 2009

ALBUM REVIEW: Future Of The Left - Travels With Myself And Another (Beggars/4AD)

The second album from the masters of punk with wit, hooks and rhythm is another stripped, simple, impassioned affair that clocks in at just over half an hour, keeping to a well-expressed point, with no chance for reflection along the way. God, more bands should be like this. 'Travels With Myself And Another' is an album that could teach Newton a thing or two. All notions of resistance and friction are forgotten, as each joule of potential energy stored in Jack Egglestone, Andy Falkous and Kelson Mathias is transformed into something powerfully kinetic - these three guys have the dynamism of the Hoover Dam. Opening track 'Arming Eritrea' may bring to mind Biffy Clyro early on, but Future Of The Left thankfully lack the pretension that mars the viscera of Kilmarnock's most famous exports. And Falkous' vocals could never be mistaken for anyone else, all enraptured in cynicism, pessimism and spite, yet so excited for it all. It's as if Scrappy Doo smoked 40 a day, and was taught the ways of the world by Charles Manson rather than Scooby. Which I think is what we all wanted to happen really. Few bands mix humour, anger and brilliant music so well, and all in 30 minutes. In a perfect world - the future for British music.

Release Date: 22 June

Source: Unlimited Media

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