Monday 8 June 2009

The Horrors at Electric Ballroom in London on 5 Jun

I've never attended a gig before where I've been squashed so thoroughly and actually enjoyed it - er, not in a weird way, mind you. "Is that The Horrors? Yeah, 1963 called, they want their Beatles fans back". After getting used to the fact that I was being swung around like a bag of potatoes at a farmer's market for the majority of the proceedings whilst standing beside a troop of screaming young ladies, I found myself fully immersed in a spectacular live experience that was truly like no other. The Horrors - flanked by special guests acts German band 1000 Robota (who had a captivating novelty charm, and in my opinion should have been higher on the bill) and mysteriously-lit drone borers Factory Floor - spent their entire set, bar encore, playing material from their sophomore and most recent album 'Primary Colours'. The split was well received - 'New Ice Age' and 'Scarlet Fields', not only highlights from the LP but definite new live favourites, had revved the crowd up to hyperactivity by the time that they came out for three last songs chosen specifically from 'Strange House' - 'Sheena is a Parasite', 'Count in Fives' and 'Gloves'. Frontman Farris Badwan, who has always had a certain Nick Cave-esque swagger about him, lumbered coolly around stage completely aloof to the mass hysteria that was happening before him, a mere three yards away in the pit. But somehow, despite his seemingly detached onstage presence, he created - along with his bandmates, with their equally too-cool-for-school reservation - a fan feeding frenzy. The crowd were hungry - and The Horrors (as much as it pains me to write this), were quite willingly their meat.

Source: Unlimited Media

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