Monday, 19 September 2011

Review: Turnbuckle Jones

Turnbuckle Jones - S/T (Independent)
Turnbuckle Jones is the latest project from North Carolina based singer-songwriter Josh Burch. Here, with a full band, he confidently takes on a number of styles and sounds, then underpins everything with some first-rate songwriting and a healthy electric-roots-rock influence. So, decent songs, a varied approach and a fine band to back him - so far, so good.

Burch is an expressive and animated singer, with a rough ‘n’ ready tone that feels perfectly in harmony with his songs. His lyrics, about girls, relationships and the various trials and tribulations they inspire, are different enough to deserve proper attention, and invite comparison to early Wilco and The Replacements at their most frivolous.

It’s an album I’m happy to recommend as a whole, but to capture its essence in a few tracks, be sure to have a listen to the near-perfect fall-apart pop of opening cut “Laser Beams”, then try the banjo propelled “Home”, before settling on the remarkably loose “China”, with its huge, sing-a-long chorus and utterly lovable demeanour.

Rob F.

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