Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Review: Noidz

Noidz – Trancemetal Age (Matchbox Producoes Artisticas Lda)

Noidz are based in Portugal but not really, no, they are actually from a far away galaxy 20 thousand light years from Earth. They are 5 humanoid alien creatures (Zork, Zee, Monkka, Zdion and Lunatikka) that have escaped extinction and are now relocated to different countries of planet earth. They have formed a band influenced by human music which is evident in the differing influences found in this CD of just 3 songs – “O Pastor”, “Root Sounds From Earth” and “Blast Waves”.

Their music is a head spinning mix of heavy rock, sampled traditional instruments (including quite a strong use of bagpipes & sitar), Bollywood influences and anything else thrown into the mix – they are like an inter-galactic ceilidhs band! The track “Root Sounds From Earth” feels very much like this with the use of sampled bagpipes and a very repetitive main theme throughout.

There are only 3 tracks on this CD and they give a good summing up of the band at this point – as I listen to it I can’t help but think it’s almost like a Eurovision entry. It’s really interesting trying to list the instruments and influences but it feels like the sort of music you’d listen to early in the morning, in a club, when you’re off your face….

Louisely D’Amore

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