Monday, 19 September 2011

Review: Stereoflower

Stereoflower - It's Alright, It's OK, Satellite Commander (Walking Horse)

I very nearly didn't add this to my review list. So, on just the smallest inkling, I decided there might be something that appeals, if only a smidgeon. So, on to the player, and wow! There is definitely some appeal, tons of it, in fact. I can see it in the artwork, I can hear it in the music (and the gaps between!), and I can taste it in the air. These four Aussie reprobates (Alexander Peter-Pander, Marko Remarko, Rufus Marmaduke and Doctor Blythe - you read it here first...) have me at their mercy, with their beguiling melodies, croaky vocals, spiky guitars, stuttering drums, and genuine passionate approach to their incandescent mélange of sound and musical genres.

In reality, in the clear light of day, it probably isn't as sparkling a mix as I gave it credit for, but it is surely a special take on all things the Aussie state of NSW has had to offer for a few years, yes indeed. They claim the beast of their music would not stop growing, and they claim it rightly. It is a beast, songs to wrestle to the ground, and then release to see them soar high above you, and descend to do musical battle once more. Yep, I like this a lot!

When I stop drooling and think about it, the appeal is to be mainly found in the myriad of flavours that they have cooked up. Can you remember (from way, way back) a pudding called Instant Whip? Well, that’s what this album does, whips up an immediate psyche storm, but it sounds like Angel Delight!

Kev A.

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