Friday, 23 September 2011

Review: The Veta Corps

The Veta Corps - My City (Independent)
The second release from the London based trio continues their journey into the heart and soul of UK indie. Their stated influences include Joy Division, Radiohead, Pink Floyd and Sigur Ros, and I think we can safely add The Sound and early Soft Machine to the list without too much fear of contradiction. They don’t take liberties with any of these artists, but instead carve out their own sound, which feels like a natural progression, rather than replication.

They begin “My City” with the title track. Its pure melody and reserved vocal is reminiscent of the moment just before New Order discovered the dance floor, but it’s contemporary and rhythmic, with a delicate guitar line emphasizing the dark pop vibe. Both vocals and guitar are to the fore on “Secrets” and “Real Life”, an intense piece with aching piano, shows a willingness to experiment.

The Veta Corps is a fine band with no shortage of very good songs. With a bit of luck and a smidgen of radio play, I’d expect and hope to see them gracing festival stages next summer.
Rob F.

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