Monday, 19 September 2011

Review: Illusion Of Depth

Illusion Of Depth - Bourgeois Motel (2 Minute Luv)

Illusion Of Depth is married couple, Barbara and Bruce Gilchrist. Barbara is classically trained in piano, flute and French horn. Here she’s also vocalist and keyboard player. Bruce comes from a rock background, plays guitar and bass, programmes the drums and arranges the songs. Together they make very grown-up pop music, with hints of jazz, folk and classic progressive rock.

Barbara compares her vocals to those of Kate Bush and Tori Amos, and there are elements of both inherent in her style, though she’s far more approachable, and demonstrates a vulnerability that is incredibly appealing. They’re also unafraid to take the listener by the hand and lead them to the dancefloor. “Merry Are The Gods (At Play)” might have a title that suggests something by Yes or Genesis, but it is instead a deliberate ploy to get feet and limbs moving in a synchronized fashion – and very good it is, too.

They’re equally adept at the serious stuff. The rhythmically complex “As Far As I Can See…” is multifaceted and instrumentally rich. “J’s Song” is fragile and lovely, whilst moving sound around in a quite unusual way. For all its intricacy “Bourgeois Motel” remains an accessible, if stimulating, listening experience.

Rob F.

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