Thursday, 1 March 2012

The Archers: 29/2/2012


Brian is on unfamiliar territory.

Pat's shattered but pleased that Tony's doing really well. It was lucky that Tom found him when he did. Getting treated so quickly made all the difference. And now he's fitted with a stent it shouldn't happen again. Pat's concerned about everything that needs doing but Tom and Helen assure her they'll manage.

David and Brian turn up at Bridge Farm to offer their help. Tom and Helen are really grateful.

Tom's feeling bad for being so hard on Tony. Pat insists he's not to blame himself. He must put it out of his mind and get on with running the farm. Tom realises he won't have time to visit Tony. Pat assures him Tony will understand.

Tony's pleased his tests have revealed no lasting damage, so he'll be able to get back to work as normal. Pat tells him all in good time. She also tells him Jennifer wants to visit but she can easily put her off. Tony tells her it's ok.

Jennifer's relieved that Tony's going to be ok. She tells him this has made her realise how mean and awful she's been. Everything seems so trivial now. Tony understands and assures her they can leave it all behind them.


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