Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Tonight at The Musician: Concrete Knives

Magic Teapot Presents…

Concrete Knives (Bella Union)
Wednesday 6th March
plus Moccasin Mile and Melanie Page
Some may see them as the worthy heirs to the B-52s, while others will find in their music a flavour of the early noughties New York music scene. Fronted by both male and female leads with strong and distinctive vocal styles, Concrete Knives are an anthem machine for you to chant to in unison. Their compositions dust off Dad’s vinyl records, incorporating new tones where vintage keyboards and organs fly through syncopated rhythm sections.

This is indeed fresh music, carrying clean and well balanced textures. This is the scraping of a knife on concrete, a creative rupture wholly aroused by an exciting and innovative new band. On stage, Concrete Knives resuscitate the ghosts of the eighties with great energy, creating an inventive mixture of sunny pop.

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