Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Heritage award to mark Queen's first gig

Rock band Queen are to be honoured later with a music heritage award at the venue where they performed their first concert on 18 July 1970.

Brian May and Roger Taylor are due to accept a plaque at Imperial College.

Queen have sold 300 million records including 16 number one albums and 18 number one singles.

PRS for Music created the Heritage Award scheme in 2009, to recognise important live music venues where successful artists performed.

Ahead of accepting the award at the college's students' union, guitarist and songwriter Brian May said: "The first proper gig we did was at Imperial College in the Union Hall.

'Spiritual base'

"I remember it very distinctly because I'd seen all sorts of people playing there."

Drummer Roger Taylor said: "Imperial College was effectively our positional and spiritual base and so means a lot to Queen, many good memories. Without it... who knows?"

Queen's lead singer and songwriter Freddie Mercury died in 1991.

Mike Grose played bass with the band for a few months, including for their debut show.

However, the famous line-up of the group was not complete until February 1971, when John Deacon took over bass-playing duties.

Source: BBC

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